Our Services

  • Service & repair of vacuum operated waste tankers & high pressure water jetting units.
  • On site repairs from our customer support vehicles
  • Tank testing both ADR & Non-ADR type tankers 
  • Spare parts at cost effective prices for vacuum tankers.
  • Repair of vacuum pumps including liquid pumps and blowers.
  • Vehicle refurbishment
  • Remounts
  • Vehicle painting



Chemical Reaction

When pump problems occurred on this tanker inside a chemical factory, Tanker Service Solutions reacted and were on site within the hour and the vacuum pump was stripped and rebuilt on site, saving the customer the expense of leaving site.

It's Snow Joke!

Despite the arctic weather Tanker Service Solutions intrepid service engineers get this vacuum tanker back on the road.

"Vorsprung durch Technik" vacuum tanker needs a little TLC from TSS

Quality German built Kroll recycling unit being prepared for resale by Tanker Service Solutions service engineers, this high specification recycler was brought back to a fully operational state with a little TLC from TSS ltd.

Ice Factor

Its -15C ! And Tanker Service Solutions 4 x 4 travels through the snow & ice to assist a customer with a “frozen” tanker, despite frozen diesel and flat batteries this tanker was back operational within the hour and able to discharge its load at the water treatment plant.